Commercial Property Investments – Advantages and Disadvantages

Commercial property refers to a specific type of real estate property that is used for business activities. This definition also includes large residential properties used for rental purposes and land that is assigned for use to make profits.

“The designation of a property as commercial has implications on the financing of the building, the tax treatment, and the laws that apply to it.”

Commercial Property vs Residential Property – Which One Is Better?

In terms of investment, there are less risks with buying and owning commercial property. The returns on investment are higher with commercial structures since an investor can customise and adjust the building for optimal use. However, tenants of commercial spaces have much higher initial expenses than residential property renters. Excluding the above mentioned, investing in a commercial property offers more benefits than those presented by a residential property.

A Higher Income Possibility

Logically, a bigger property has far more potential, in terms of money and value, than a smaller one. A Commercial property’s bigger square meter size means that in addition to providing space for a greater number of tenants, the annual profits are also higher than other property investments. But the ROI is influenced by different factors. A clear example is comparing commercial spaces intended for different uses – multi-family properties are lesser against suburban office spaces that are higher.

More Tenants Means Lower Risks of Financial Loss

Due to their size and nature, residential investments frequently put a restriction on the number of tenants you can rent the space out to. This is challenging for investors seeking to scale up their financial returns. There is also uncertainty with regards to maintaining a steady flow of revenue or money received by the investor with residential properties. On the other hand, a multiple-occupancy building is ideal for investing – it carries a low income-loss risk. Even when there are vacancies, the other tenants continue paying towards all the operational costs. One more advantage about commercial spaces is the responsibility upon tenants – they need to pay for key expenses on the property as well as their standard rents required. Some of those expenses include building expenses, common area maintenance fees and net taxes.

Higher Equity Potential Created By Increased Cash-Flow From Leveraging

Commercial real estate allows you to increase equity by leveraging borrowed capital to invest it further with hopes that profits will exceed the outstanding interest. The results of this is getting a higher ROI rather than buying straight away.  Leases of commercial properties are usually more attractive because bank approval rates are greater due to the steady, high income flow such investing.

What Are The Negatives to Commercial Property Investments?

You can guess, just as there are negatives with every other thing in life commercial property investing also has a downside. That said, you need to consider all sides to this type of investing – all the pros and cons – before you decide to invest your time and money. Take some time to also establish whether this is suitable for you because commercial property investment is time-consuming and demanding. Being a landlord to one tenant can be demanding for some so renting out a commercial space means you’re managing multiple occupants. The other negative is that you cannot run the show by yourself – you are required to get professional help to ensure that the maintenance of your property is prioritized, and your tenants are satisfied. Lastly, buying these properties is expensive. Unlike other properties in the same area, you will likely need to have a higher upfront capital when you invest in a commercial property.


Considering all that has been mentioned, though there is a higher ROI with commercial property investment it also consumes a lot of time and money. In the end, an investor must assess what they can afford as well as the resources they have available.

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