Communities For Property Investors & Their Benefits

A tribe, group or village. Whatever term you prefer to use, being part of a community is a key aspect of every human being’s life. With property, belonging to a community of self-empowered investors and trainers, with years of property experience, is powerful. Just imagine the possibilities of having access to their support, resources and set of skills to propel your property investing forward.

Well, you actually can gain access by joining a property community. Read further to learn more about this concept.

What is a property community?

Firstly, a community is a group of individuals who reside in a specific area or have common traits and objectives.

However, a property community is an affiliation where investors, mentors and experts provide key information regarding property investing. Some of these communities include stokvels, investment clubs, and property investing programs etc. Usually, members that belong to these groups also interact via social platforms; such as WhatsApp, telegram and/or private Facebook groups. It is here that they learn new information, share property deals, ask questions, and pass around contacts for service providers required like architects.

How does a property community work?

The different types of communities

With a variety to choose from, you can join any type of property community at a certain monthly or once-off fee. Some property communities sell mentorship programs and then automatically make you a member, while others require you pay a certain amount to become a member first before giving you access to benefits. You can either opt to receive regular content and resources or get exclusive one-on-one mentorship with an expert. It really all depends on your objectives, property goals and learning style.

These are the major property investing communities:

Property stokvels

These are schemes that help members save money for later use by making specific monthly contributions.

Property investment clubs

These are groups that focus on finding and packaging deals that are later marketed to investors.

Real estate investment groups

This term refers to an organization that largely focuses on property investing including financing deals.

Program-based investment groups

Similar to real estate investment groups, these also focus on property investment but include mentorship and coaching programs offered by experts.

Exclusive Benefits To Enjoy

As an investor, there are different benefits that you can enjoy by being around those that have ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt.’ Learning from the experts and in a community of achievers pays off.

Some of the advantages of being a member of such communities include: getting expert guidance to minimize mistakes, and being more determined because of the success of other investors in your circles.

Learning new skills and getting educated

Nothing replaces education and experience. Being exposed to collective knowledge accelerates your growth as a new or experienced investor. Sometimes the affiliation organises events for its members to attend and benefit from listening to the experts. Apart from becoming wiser, such events will also help you make informed decisions as you continue learning and growing. Plus, the community itself is a platform to develop new skills such as negotiating or conducting feasibility studies. With time and practice, you will eventually learn to master these skills.

Exclusive access to resources and deals

If you’re unable to purchase property or you’re not able to raise enough funds, being in a community allows you to source deals for other investors to raise your own capital. Having access to money like this widens the possibilities for you. Whether you’re giving your money or time – being in such a circle allows you to afford to buy more properties at one time. You also get to form mutual partnerships, which means you no longer have to sit on the side lines. You can star to invest in property like you’ve never been able to on your own.

Getting mentorship and coaching from experts

Most people who’ve attempted to invest in property by themselves made a lot of mistakes and took time to understand the market. Experts, mentors and coaches not only know the do’s and don’ts, they’ve learned from their own mistakes. As a result of that as well as their acquired experiences they qualify to be the experts that can train investors. Joining a property community exposes you to experts and all their wisdom in a much shorter time than learning DIY. It’s also important to bear in mind that applying the knowledge you learn is more powerful and profiting than learning it.

Experiencing growth through social impact

The community is there to enable you to learn and apply strategies that are in line with your goals. This builds your confidence and motivates you to constantly search for opportunities.

Investing in property takes courage, especially for a first-time investor. So, being in a community with other investors will give you the courage you need to get more deals. But sometimes things don’t go as planned and our confidence gets affected. This is another reason why these communities exist; to support you so that you can become a more confident investor when you apply what you’ve learned.

Useful tips to optimize your experience in communities

Engage and be visible

When you share yourself with other members of a community you become visible and it will be easier ask advise and participate in the social activities.

Stay updated and keep learning

Set time aside to go to your socials and read through the conversations and comments with an openness to take in new information.

Be free and embrace your new family 

Though it might initially be terrifying to open yourself up to strangers, get out of your comfort zone by gradually making yourself known. Be authentic and regard the community as your new family.

Present your deals and get second opinions 

Use this space to share deals and get advice or clarity if you’re uncertain about something. Who knows? The funders you’re looking for might just be within the property community that you join.

Create new alliances

As you continue engaging in these groups, refer back to your expectations and strategize on how you can form new alliance. You may also partake in property opportunities that match your goals with other members.

Follow rules and have fun

Be sure to review the rules and follow them to make the community conducive for other members. Learn and play in your new circle. Do what you need to do and have fun in the process.

Are you ready to join a property community? We’ll be glad to welcome you in our community where students and mentors witness real results. It all starts with registering for our FREE property investment webinar.


  • Musa Mthembu
    Posted 8 Apr 2021 11:14 am 0Likes


    I would like to get to know more about this property community. I am based in Roodepoort West of JHB.


    • Milan Milosevic
      Posted 20 Apr 2021 3:45 pm 0Likes

      Hi Musa,

      The best way to start is to attend one of our Free webinars where we cover several property investing strategies.
      Feel free to register here:

      Hope this helps.

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      Riches and Beyond Team

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    How do I become a part of/attend the masterclass?

  • Edwin Mabusela
    Posted 23 Apr 2021 9:19 am 0Likes

    Hi, I have attended 2 of your webinars and I must say you guys know your story and I’m very much interested and inspired. I’d love to join a property investment community, would you be so kind as to hook me up with one, please.

    • Milan Milosevic
      Posted 30 Apr 2021 10:50 pm 0Likes

      Hi Edwin,
      The very next step is the 3 day Masterclass.
      There you get the chance to spend time with our powerful mentors and become part of likeminded community of students and investors.
      More info here:

      Hope this helps!
      Riches and Beyond Team

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