Retirement – An Inevitable Reality

The Retirement Reality

Simply put – retirement happens when someone who works leaves their job and stops working permanently or on a full-time basis. While retirement is inevitable for most of the working class, more and more people are still uncertain about their sustenance after leaving work. Some retirees have realised that having a grip on financial spending, a solid plan to live and invest are essential in ensuring security. Others are frustrated with the reality of being financially dependent – on their families or children – because their living funds are insufficient.

Popular Options – Living Annuity Or Retirement Fund

Any plan towards life after retiring must be created with a consideration for inflation. A retirement fund, usually administered by an employer, is an account where money is deposited continually by an employee for the retired to live post-work. Described as a financial product, a living annuity is whereby an individual consistently pays a specific amount so that they get an income later. There are many financial institutions offering these products, not to mention all the different options to choose from. Making your decision about which option to choose depends on your needs, living plan, effective spending style and the post-retirement financial goals that you set.

Property Opportunities For Retirees

Investing in property allows you to control your own economy and resultingly the quality of your life. The awakening amongst the number of older people using property as a means of sustenance and independence is spreading like wild fire, even to younger family members. For example, renting out a multi-let that gives you a positive cash-flow means that you are able to take care of yourself and family even in old age.

Whether you decide to invest in buying properties below market value to fix and sell or just renting out your commercial building to local businesses, a profitable property portfolio will make a big difference to your life and the generations after you. Property investment doesn’t require you to be rich to start but you need to:

  • get the proper education,
  • establish your needs and property strategy to meet them,
  • learn from successful property mentors, and
  • follow a clear plan when you invest

Possibilities Becoming Reality

Just imagine yourself, in old age, being financially free and doing what you only dreamed about. What does that life look like? What does it mean if you could financially boost your children as they begin undertaking adulthood-related projects? Would it make you happy if you could invest in the future of your grand-children? Only you can answer these questions since you hold the answers to them.


Our shared desire is to work hard now so that we can grow old peacefully; without worrying about financial security. But the truth while you are planning for your retirement someday you also need to work smart and plan ahead. It has been repeatedly said that – failing to plan is certainly planning to fail. Designing your future starts today

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