What 5 Habits Are Destroying Your Efficiency?

“Reach your goals now by being consistent.” This is the kind of statement we’re often bombarded with. This sort of advice seems harmless right? It’s definitely useful, but most entrepreneurs find it challenging to stay focused and productive.  If you’re starting a property business or venturing into the real estate market, it’s vital that you maintain focus on whatever needs to be done.

Stay on track
Can you stay focused 100% of the time? Yes, you surely can by following the right routine. Let’s see what the five habits that may be ruining your efficiency levels are – and discover how you can change this. “Dedicate timeslots to certain activities each day.”

  1. You can’t prioritise your to-do list

You start the day feeling excited but your mind is buzzing with an overwhelming list of things to do. Between dealing with the admin work of the finances and finding the most suitable investment property – it’s hard to differentiate the important steps because each one has it’s own strategy. Sometimes, it just becomes easier to avoid your to-do list because it’s too much. The first thing you need to do is write everything down – it’s not so important that items are listed in order.  After you have a picture of what needs to be done, then you can prioritise the ranking of each task.

  1. You can’t handle your time well

Our property experts will tell you that dedicating sufficient time to your property investment business is essential to its success.  Even after setting up your to-do list you’ll quickly realise that some tasks require more time to complete than others. Before you know it, you’ve been out researching an area for five hours and spending less time on getting funding.

Devote timeslots to doing specific activities every day. This will allow you to be more productive, particularly if you’re limited with your time. If you’ve only assigned five hours to work on your property business per day, then dedicate an hour to maybe doing five essential tasks. The time limit is there to ensure you’re progressive by getting more done than browsing through the internet. On that note of mindless browsing…

“…avoid the websites that you frequently visit.”

  1. You lack enough focus

One of the great perks of living in the digital age is having apps for everything. This means that, as a property entrepreneur, you can conduct your admin online. While the internet provides convenience, it can also be very challenging to avoid getting distracted or wasting time on it. Next thing, you’re adding items to a cart and you’ve not done any work. The internet is not the only source of losing focus. Family members or friends that want your attention can also contribute to this. By the time you’re finally focused, you’re tired and unproductive. To help your further, check out the following apps that will block certain websites on your behalf and give you an indication of how you use your time:

3.1. StayFocused is a useful browser extension that allows you to restrict the total time you spend on certain websites. You determine the amount of hours you’d like to remain off the web.

3.2. RescueTime draws attention on the parts of the day you’re spending the most time on. Understanding how you spend your time makes you more aware which enables you to have more control.

  • Mindful Browsing nudges you gently whenever you’re visiting a site that you aren’t suppose to visit. The Chrome extension will rather give you other options that can assist with your productivity. This helps in terms of avoiding the websites you often visit – so, bid goodbye to online shopping and reading threads on social media…for a couple of hours. Also, eliminate all other distractions (such as your cell-phone) and work in an area that will help you maintain focus.
  1. You often procrastinate and hesitate

After putting together your plan you’re doubtful about everything. When all is said and done, you delay and dodge your to-do list. Before long, the property you were scouting has been sold or the great deal you got from the bank has been cancelled.  As a result of fearing the outcome, people procrastinate. But, how will you know if you don’t even try? Tick one task off your to-do list today. Once each task is done, you’ll feel ecstatic and sufficiently confident to attain anything.  

“…remember to rest.”

  1. You don’t rest or wind down

You’ve been grinding ahead full throttle on your business and you’re making strides with your task list.  However, you’re becoming more exhausted and discouraged. You’re beginning to lose enthusiasm for your business and you’re failing to remember why you’ve started to begin with. Giving 100% to your business is a great thing but take time to wind down and rest. While working eight hours is commendable, you still need a break to renew your mind. Even a day off just to refresh can really help. Having a harmonious work/life balance is essential in having success in your property business.

Are you ready to focus?

There are multiple tools and practices to assist you to concentrate and remain productive. As soon as you’ve mastered these, you’ll join others and be a productivity hack – and maybe become a property investor much faster than projected. Join us on our FREE property investment webinars, where you’ll learn about the different challenges entrepreneurs face – and how to conquer them.


  • Matshidiso Mosai
    Posted 23 Mar 2021 3:07 am 0Likes

    This is really talking to me, I have been working straneous that I don’t get time to even complete my module, I don’t have work/life balance, and I already feel exhausted without having started. ?

    • Milan Milosevic
      Posted 4 Nov 2021 10:44 am 0Likes

      What really help successful people is having a structire in place and being surrounded with likeminded people.

      Feel free to register for our free webinar to find out more. You can do that here:

      Riches and Beyond Team

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